John Proctor was hanged back in 1692 for being a witch. Now his house is up for sale just in time for Halloween.

On August 19, 1692, John Proctor who was a farmer and tavern owner was wrongly accused of practicing witchcraft and was found guilty during the Salem Witch Trials and was hanged in Salem Village. The historic home originally built in 1638 is called the John Proctor House where he once lived in Peabody, Massachusetts which is 40 minutes north of Boston.

According to the Boston Globe, the home is listed at $600,000 but I'm wondering if the realtor would give the new buyer a deep deep discount if it can be proven that creepy witchy type things went on behind closed doors?

Witch Trial
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Between 1692 and 1693 more than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft and 20 were actually executed. It all began when a number of young girls in Salem, Mass. claimed they had been possessed by the devil and began accusing other women of practicing witchcraft.

Tavern owner, John Proctor never believed the young girl's claims but after Proctor's wife Elizabeth was also accused of witchcraft and was being tried in court, those same accusations were also bestowed onto John Proctor. He was executed, but his wife Elizabeth who was pregnant at the time was pardoned.

To read the full story of John Proctor, the first male accused of being a witch back in 1692, click on So go ahead and pony up $600,000. I'd bet the house is perfectly safe since Mr. Proctor was falsely accused of being a witch. You should be just fine.

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