If you've lived in New Fairfield anytime during the last 160 years, then you know about or have probably seen this building that's been a staple in the town for decades.

The building we're talking about was the home of Village Hardware on Brush Hill Road for years. Before it was know as Village Hardware, it was know as Causeway Lumber. The building had many owners over the decades and was located in the area that is now the New Fairfield Shopping Center. A few years ago, Village Hardware made the move to a different building on Dunham Drive, leaving the current structure abandoned.

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Prior to being a lumber/hardware store, the building was a farmhouse and homestead situated on Knapps Farm directly across from the intersection of Route 37 and Route 39, which is just a little east of where the building is located today.

According to newstimes.com, for the last few years, the building has been vacant and now the owners of the shopping center are looking to renovate the property. The plans call for the demolition of the historic farm house, which has fallen into what they are calling very poor condition and a safety hazard.

Since there are no historical designations for the building and it's not on the national preservation list, the historic building could become a casualty of the wrecking ball and soon may be gone. The plans now call for the parking lot to be extended to the area where the building is located.

The group Preserve New Fairfield, which has saved historical building in the past, haven't heard from any town residents on efforts to save the building.

The New Fairfield Zoning Commission reported that engineers are reviewing plans for the proposed construction of the shopping center, and by next month should have a report ready. A public hearing on the construction will be held on August 4.

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