Hold on to your hats cause the winds of change are blowing again, and the National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Warning for Connecticut and the Hudson Valley until 6 PM tonight. The gusty winds could cause some scattered power outages, as wind gusts could reach up to 60 MPH.

Here's what we can expect from now until the end of the day on Monday. Look for winds to gust between 25-30 mph, but the higher gusts up to 60 mph that could cause scattered power outages as trees and power lines may come down.

There may be more widespread outages possible in Litchfield County, and parts of the Hudson Valley, where the National Weather Service is predicting "strong to damaging winds."

Here's a look at what we could expect in the way of wind gusts throughout the day on Monday:

NWS Image
NWS Image

Also keep in mind that many trees in the area are still compromised from the macrobusts and tornadoes we had last year, and any high winds could easily bring these trees down, so please use caution when traveling around the area on Monday.

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