Here's a fun fact about New Milford, Connecticut: New Milford is the largest land-mass town in the state of Connecticut. New Milford is 63.7 square miles, trouncing Woodstock, Connecticut's measly 60 square miles. New Milford is the largest town in the largest County (Litchfield) in our state. Yay New Milford!

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Here's another fun fact - Based on your city or town's population, the State of Connecticut can deem that you don't have enough affordable housing in your city or town, and withhold funding if you don't comply to fix it.

If you're a 202 commuter like me, you may have noticed that there is dirt flying right next to the New Milford Police Department Headquarters at 49 Poplar Street. This activity has got the New Milford, CT Facebook group buzzing every week, and there are literally hundreds of answers as to what is actually going to be built there.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

I love some of the responses to the latest 'Hey, what's being built next to the PD?' post, especially Scott Ivey's - 'A combination of a Chinese Restaurant, Dunkin', and a tattoo parlor', or Amanda McCarvell - 'I vote Sizzler', yes Amanda, I'm with you.

A cannabis dispensary? Crazy Eddie's? Asparagus Ranch? Good guesses, but I went straight to the President of the United States of New Milford, Connecticut himself - Mayor Pete Bass for the answer - and his answer? 'Affordable housing'.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Expect a brand spanking new multi-unit housing complex to rise up from the earth over the next few months, and then hopefully a Sizzler, Dunkin', and Chinese restaurant will follow suit.

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