It's hard to believe, but it's been just about two months since towns throughout Connecticut began to lock down.

Streets became empty, stores shut down, people started working from home and towns became deserted. It's like nothing we have ever seen before.

So just what does a town or for that matter a city like New Haven look like when your in the middle of a pandemic. The best way to see the effect is from the air, and you knew with today's technology, it was only a matter a time until someone gave us a look at one of the busiest city's in the state with everyone sheltering in place.

No it's not a holiday, not early before everyone is out, it's not even a Sunday morning. This video was shot during the heart of the day when hundreds of people would normally be trying to get around a very crowded downtown New Haven. But not now in 2020, not this month, and not on this day.

The silence and the look is definitely kind of eerie. It's like you just woke up in a twilight zone episode.

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