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Music plays a part in most people’s everyday life.

Maybe you listen in the shower before you leave the house, or in the car on the way to work. Or maybe you have it on in the background when you are cooking a meal. Of course, if you are out eating at a bar or restaurant, you often hear music in the background.

If you are like me, music is ever-present: I have my Alexa speakers playing all kinds of music from the time I get up until the time I wake up (yes, I sleep with music on in the background).

But what about when the time comes to have your Super Bowl party? Will you have music playing pregame, before the kick-off starts the action? 

If it was up to me, I would have music playing DURING the game, and have the television on mute: I don’t care about the commercials, and I can see if my bets win (check with this guide for all the best offers on the Super Bowl by Connecticut betting sites) with the TV on mute and music playing. 

So, what would be the perfect playlist for the big game?

Here are some songs that will get the party started.

Enter Sandman, Metallica: right before kickoff, as the teams are coming out of the tunnel, you pump up this Metallica jam and start the game off right. 

Jump Around, House of Pain: you have to play this one, right? As the teams are walking out to get ready for the opening kickoff, you put on this jam, and get the WHOLE HOUSE jumping around. Just don’t spill your drinks.

Common People, Pulp: you are chilling out with all your pals, all the people you know, and maybe there is a person or two there that have never been to a Super Bowl party. Maybe it is your friend Juancho from Madrid, and you want to show them what you do for the big game. This is what the common people do. 

Swimming Pools, Kendrick Lamar: yes, people will be drinking at the party. What better way to get the chill vibe once the game starts than this classic. 

I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor, Arctic Monkeys: maybe you met a new person you might want to hang out with at some point in the spring. Can you picture them out on the dancefloor? Alex Turner sure can.

Bittersweet Symphony, The Verve: this is for the team, and the fans, that made it all the way through the 18-week NFL regular season, then the playoffs, then lost the Super Bowl. So close, yet so far, and very bittersweet.

We Are The Champions, Queen: I mean, cmon, you have to end the game like this, right? When the trophy is coming out of the tunnel, this will be on in the background. 

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