Daylight Savings Time can be tough on all of our sleep patterns. If you have kids, their interruption can make your quality of sleep worse, but what can you do?

I have to say that I'm not usually a fan of the month of March because the weather can wreak havoc. One of the upsides though of the month is that the days start to get longer, making Summer seem not too far away.

Here it comes, Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday March 12, so Spring ahead when you go to bed this Saturday night and dream of longer days. It might not be those dreams that disturb your sleep though. The experts at say that it's common for sleep deprivation to kick in soon after we change the clocks.

That got me to thinking that if adults are suffering, it's probably worse for kids. And if they are having sleepless nights, then so are you. I sense a vicious cycle here. So I did a little research and found some great tips from Christine Brown, Certified Child Sleep Consultant & Founder of Bella Luna Sleep Consulting

Brown breaks your child's sleep schedule down into different categories and gives tips for each: Early Birds, Night Owls & Sensitive Sleepers, and Super Sleepers. Take note that if your kid falls into the Night Owl category, Brown has suggestions starting with March 8 and running every day through March 12. You can read all about it at

As a child I was a Night owl and Sensitive Sleeper, and that has carried into adulthood for me, so I may even give her tips a try!

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