This is "Beach Mom."

"Beach Mom" recently started a Youtube channel to tell her side of the story. What's the story? According to The Hour, the woman in the video claims to be the person who called the cops on a topless sunbather at Compo Beach in July. That incident led to the arrest of Anna Lee Halderman after she allegedly removed the rest of her bathing suit when she was confronted about being topless. NBC Connecticut says that Halderman turned herself into police earlier this month and was charged with risk of injury to a minor and second-degree breach of peace.

If you watch "Beach Mom's" video, she claims that not only was Halderman topless at one point, but she later pulled down her beach bottoms and flashed her vagina. "Beach Mom" also contends that local news outlets reporting on the incident left a lot of information out of their reports.

"Beach Mom" does not believe that the local papers told the whole story and obviously feels that she was treated unfairly on social media — hence the Youtube channel. We want to give "Beach Mom" a much bigger, louder microphone than she is currently using. We would like "Beach Mom" to come on the Ethan and Lou Show and tell her side of the story.

The problem is we have no good way of reaching her. For now, none of the articles associated with the incident in question attach "Beach Mom's" name and neither does her YouTube channel. Some people will say that this is by design, and those people would be wrong. She seems to have no problem with the spotlight and the identity is soon to come one way or another.

ATTN: "Beach Mom" and/or friends of "Beach Mom", this is an exploding offer to identify and report to the Ethan and Lou Show. We want you on the show while the story has legs. The story has legs for about one more week, at most. Please reach out to us by sending a message through the i95 Rock Mobile app or by calling the front desk of the radio station at (203)775-1212. You can also message us on Facebook, send direct e-mails through our website, whatever method you prefer.

Let's do this thing, "Beach Mom," we want and demand your truth.

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