CT grocery workers are afraid of the unknown. Are the safety precautions that are in-place enough?

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Anxiety and stress are increasing among grocery workers who come into work every day. Even though they're wearing their masks as are their customers, they've heard stories or might even know someone who has come down with the virus. Some of their co-workers have gotten sick, and some have also died.

An article on the website, www.ctinsider.com tells of a Waterbury Stop & Shop employee who explained to the reporter,

It's a tense time. I have to worry who've you been around, then who those people have been around. Everyone's on guard.

What happens if the workers get sick and can't work? Who's going to help pay the family's bills. The state has denied grocery store workers worker's compensation, and they claim Governor Lamont is ignoring their pleas for protection. Labor groups throughout the country are urging the Governor to create a worker's compensation presumption, which states that grocery workers have been infected on the job.

The Connecticut Business & Industry Association(CBIA) has stated it would cost too much money and place too much stress on other businesses, and still no word from Governor Lamont. The CBIA is also saying that if a grocery store worker falls sick with the virus, how could it be proven that they caught the disease at their workplace?

You could say that the do or die question for grocery store workers is; Do you continue to show up for work and risk getting the virus or stay home and lose your job? Please, people, please wear your mask when you walk into your grocery store. It's the least you could do.



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