Keep your eyes open Oxford, an unknown creature that is: 4 foot tall, may emit a horrendous scream, and is shaped like a tree, was reported in town.

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An unidentified Oxford resident reported an unusual incident to the National UFO Reporting Center on August 4, 2022. According to the report, they say that they saw an unknown, lightning-fast. bipedal creature, which stood 4-foot tall, brown, with skinny legs and tiny arms, "tree-shaped", run across their driveway into neighboring property. I'm with you so far unidentified Oxford resident.

The incident report continues with "No fur, no hair. When it ran it didn't prance like most animals. It's legs were moving as if you were pedaling a bicycle." That line makes me think of the little chest-burst from Alien, but it also started creeping me out unidentified Oxford resident.

The report concludes with an additional nugget of info, which was that two months ago, during a heated owl fight, the unidentified resident of Oxford heard an awful sound nearby. The source of which couldn't have come from the dreaded Oxford fisher cat or Oxford screech owls, and maybe that was related? That's where you lost me anonymous.

I was so hoping that the mysterious brews that Black Hog Brewing was uh.. brewing up had conjured a tree creature from the Airport woods. Or all the trees that were chopped down during the Market 32 plaza construction had rallied Lord of the Rings-style to reclaim their land. Oh well. I'll keep an eye on the database.

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