Do you believe in ghosts?

Over the last several years there's been some unexplained paranormal activity inside the legendary Twisted Vine Restaurant at 285 Main St. in Derby. According to an article in the CT Post, the restaurant is reportedly haunted according to individuals who claim to have seen flickering lights, smoke moving across a room, along with furniture moving from one place to another. The following video was produced in March of 2010.

This Saturday, February 23 after the restaurant closes, Ghost Storm founder, Nick Grossman along with his crew will move into the restaurant to spend the night. Along with Grossman's crew, two restaurant employees and one customer will join them to investigate supposed paranormal activity that customers and staff say they've experienced.

One of their taglines on the Ghost Storm website states, 'Real Ghost's, Real Result's.' Grossman has been obsessed by the Twisted Vine saying the restaurant is one of his favorite paranormal sites. One of his goals on Saturday night is to connect with the spirit of a child who has been reportedly seen at the restaurant.

Grossman told the CT Post that he grew up as a clairvoyant surrounded by spirits. He and his right-hand man fellow clairvoyant, Peter Cerow have had rocks thrown at them that had come from nowhere as they were investigating the castle. Grossman also claimed that he "felt a hand grab the back of my neck" during their paranormal investigation at the legendary, Dudleytown.

I should let you know that I, along with members of my wife's family, have dined at the Twisted Vine in Derby, but did not witness any otherworldly phenomenon. What will the Ghost Storm crew find? Are you born with the ability to communicate with the spirit world? Have you ever experienced the supernatural?

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