I'm going to start by telling you I edited this photo.

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These signs feature the first, and last names of individuals who are apparently police and fire department personnel in Bantam, CT.

This photo was sent to me by an Ethan and Lou listener who goes by the name "Brncofan" from Southbury, CT. They sent the image to me via text using the I-95 Rock Mobile app.

Attached was the following message:

"Hi Lou here is something I came across on Rt 209 in Bantam a few weeks ago this guy doesn’t like cops maybe this something you would be interested in checking out." 


If this is what we are resorting to to get our point across, we're in worse shape than I thought. I cannot know the rationale of the person who made these signs nor do I want to. Instead of mining for misery, I'm going to say relax, everyone PLEASE stay calm in general.

What would make a person write something so divisive on their front lawn? You're saying something like this, and pointing out where you live at the same time? If you hate them that much, you probably consider them enemies, and who wants their enemies to know where they live?

My favorite thing to do at home is chill, watch some Netflix, eat cookies, that kind of thing. I don't know how much chilling I'd be able to do with an open-fight invitation posted in my yard.

I've been blinded by anger before. I've been in a rage over personal and business issues in my life, so I can relate on that level. I can relate to wanting to express a rage-based perspective on my front lawn. I might even get to the point where I'm out in the garage sawing a middle finger sign.

But somewhere between finishing up the woodwork and laying down my first coat of primer, I'd set my tools down, and take inventory of my life. Or, my wife my walk out to tell me to stop. She might even lay down an ultimatum I can't ignore.

If you're this mad at someone/some group, your relationship with them is beyond repair so remove them from your life. Life is too short for middle finger signs and this is coming from a very angry person who loves to give "the finger." Try marijuana, I hear good things.

P.S. We all seriously need to relax. I've been working on this myself, I found a way of looking at things that has been really helpful. I say, what would the dude do? You know, "the dude" from the Big Lebowski, that dude.

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