Harvard professor Eric Rimm recently contributed to a New York Times article on the dangers of french fries. His suggestion for the appropriate amount of french fries in a sitting? SIX. Not six orders of french fries mind you, no, six total french fries.

Just when you think you can count on the halls of learning, the cream of the crop in higher education to deliver words of wisdom, you get this. If we can't count on HARVARD for real life answers on "what's what" in the world, then who can we count on?

Harvard should be ashamed of this answer. Eric Rimm should be ashamed. Of course, he backs this answer up with scientific, nutritional information that explains the dangers of starches and french fries.

What I want to know is why he didn't finish his job? Why did he do fifty percent of the work? What he left out of his research is the likelihood that a human being could eat six, hot, crispy french fries and simply stop there. If there is a person capable of that, we need to lock them in a lab and study their brain for years. We need to find out what kind of genetic mutation caused them to be superhuman. Get real, Eric. Get real, Harvard. No one eats six french fries.

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