If you love baseball, piles of assorted meat and "Game of Thrones," then May 11 is basically your birthday.

May 11 will be "Game of Horns" night at Dunkin' Donuts Park in Hartford. On the menu, is baseball and a mutant Game of Thrones themed burger. The Hartford Yard Goats Twitter account gave us all our first look at the mighty burger, along with a helpful list of ingredients:

Seven all beef patties, they said -- seven. Forget trying to figure out what "Dragon Bacon" is made from, that's amateur hour.

Wrap your head around getting through four all-beef patties and knowing you have three to go. This burger may only be available at this particular Minor League Baseball game in Connecticut, but this is definitely Major League eating. Welcome to "The Bigs," young man, now swallow seven burgers, topped with mystery bacon and a side of high heat with the sriracha sauce.

For what it's worth, I don't watch Game of Thrones. Not that I wouldn't love it, it's just that I feel like I can't start now. Who wants to have a conversation about it with the guy who wants to discuss the first season when the show's ending? I might as well start Lost now and attempt water cooler talk about how funny Hurley is.

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