According to FOX 61, there will be a monkey rodeo this summer at a Hartford Yard Goats game. The Cowboy Monkey Rodeo will take place on June 14th. This is where monkeys ride dogs like in the photo above.

Minor league baseball teams are famous for their odd promotions and this one is AMAZING! There are not enough monkey related promotions. The Yard Goats are not resting on their laurels. They are going "full-WWE" this season from a promotional standpoint, and I have to commend them.

The team will also have an event where they change their name for the day to the "Steamed Cheeseburgers." That is on August 12th. Cannot wait to see those uniforms. They will also shoot a man out of a cannon on July 26th.

We here at the radio station to change our whole approach when it comes to promotions. We need to have more monkey-centric events — meaning more than zero monkey events. It's time for some serious reflection as an organization. Nothing says a good time like a monkey blowing by you at 15 MPH perched on a dog's back. Go Yard Goats.

You better believe the NEXT Ethan and Lou event will feature monkeys riding on dogs. There WILL be a cannon and there will be FIRE.

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