This year, due to the pandemic, it will be tougher then ever for your kids to get a little one on one time with Santa.

So to make life easier for your kids to let Santa know what's on their Christmas list, Harrybrooke Park in New Milford is now an official Santa letter drop-off location.

We got a chance to talk to Bill Buckbee, the Executive Director at Harrybrooke Park, and he realized the need for an easy and convenient way for kids to get their letters to Santa, so he set up an official red Santa mailbox exclusively for their Christmas list letters.

"I have my own business called Santa Claus Company, and I have special access to Santa, so I thought this was going to be a tough year for kids to actually be able to sit on Santa's lap, so I figured why not offer a spot where the kids can drop off their letters. The box will be there right up until about a week before the big day for last minute letters."

Harrybrooke Park will also be hosting 'Zoom Calls With Santa' to give your kids another vehicle to get their messages to him.

"Those calls should start up this week on, and at as well", said Buckbee. "We're going to be doing ten minute Zoom calls so that Santa can talk to your kids, and get an idea of how naughty, or nice they have been. Any of the proceeds from the calls will go back to help out the park."

Not only is Bill the main connection to Santa, but he's also penned a book for parents and grandparents called "Behind the Beard".

Santa Claus & Company Facebook Image
Santa Claus & Company Facebook Image

"It's a book filled with stories of Santa's experiences at Christmas. When Santa goes anywhere, he's treated like a rock star, and this book has those experiences, both the good and the bad. I've had some amazing moments with Santa, and I try to share some of those experiences. It's inspirational stories that will kind of light that fire of holiday inspiration."

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