There is no holiday like Halloween to make you feel like a kid again and there is no better place to celebrate Halloween than Deer Hill Avenue in Danbury.

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It's one of the City's most automatic and unwritten traditions, Deer Hill Avenue gets slammed in the best possible way on Halloween.

Halloween in Danbury Is Summed Up in 3 Words: Deer Hill Avenue

Each year, a sea of Hat City residents descend on Deer Hill Avenue to celebrate Halloween. I don't know when it started but this tradition is one people wait for all year. This year, just like last and the one before, my wife Erica and I took our daughter Vida up and down the street to collect candy and memories. 

Gallery Credit: Louis Milano

Last night I did notice something about human beings that is not-so-great. Whenever people see a line form, others just follow with no questions asked. We got into one line and I started doing some analysis and said no.

Why did we get in this line? It doesn't even look like the homeowners are giving out candy. It looks like they have their lights on and maybe they are having a party but it's not a sure thing that people are giving/getting candy.

We need to start asking questions before we wander into a sea of people to wait. Let's at least know what we're waiting for before we commit to it. I need to take advantage of this defect in people and use it to make money. If you can create excitement, if you can form a line you can bring people in and make some cash.

I'll do something like the pet rock, only better.

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Haunting in the Hat City - Halloween IS Deer Hill Avenue in Danbury

The Halloween experience in Danbury, CT is all about Deer Hill Avenue. The police close off the street, the homeowners go to great length to decorate their homes and thousands of trick-or-treaters line the street each year in search of candy. Despite some rain, 2022 appeared to be another successful Halloween on DHA. My wife Erica and I brought our daughter Vida (zombie) to enjoy the spooky experience.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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Aurora Photography

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