According to Fox 5, Charles Dion McDowell is back in trouble with the law. McDowell's bond was revoked on Tuesday and he was arrested by Escambia County authorities. The bond was related to prior charges that included running from the police and possession of a butt load of drugs (allegedly).

I'm just so glad he's back. This guy is a force in social media, the likes of which we have not seen in a long time. The neck related memes that came out after his first arrest were the stuff of legend. Never in the history of the internet have we played so hard with words.

This guy was so popular with my buddy Joey Ech, those memes actually kept him going in life, when he thought he couldn't go no more. I'm not kidding. I walked into my pal Joey's office one day, in the middle of a really rough work week for him, and this is what he said:

Dude if it wasn't for this neck guy, I'd never make it this week, those meme's are all that are keeping me alive.

That's influence you cannot buy. You have it or you don't. Welcome back neck man. What are your favorite "Neck Man" memes?

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