A young, lefty, first baseman who can "rake" and get a hit in a big spot on the New York Yankees? Yes please. That's what the guy is. He can flat out play and has tons of potential. We saw how valuable Greg Bird can be to the Yankees in the post season last year.

You just need him to be healthy enough to suit up and he almost NEVER is. Greg Bird, according to the WORLD is headed to the DL for 6-8 weeks. He will have surgery today to remove a bone spur from his injured right ankle.

Dude, you had ALL WINTER off. How long of a break does someone need to start to the season healthy? If I had all winter off, came back to work and blew my voice out 3 weeks in, I'm pretty sure my bosses would be pissed.

I led with optimism for Bird this year. I don't know why, but I did. I said this was the year we get him healthy and he's in the lineup most of the year. Egg, meet face. If you want to be a player with huge potential who is never healthy and rarely makes it to the field you need to play in Queens not the Bronx.

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