Will the Brookfield, CT Amazon Fresh store ever open? Please someone show me a sign.

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There has been another sign actually or, the lack of one. According to Metro 24/7 News the sign has been taken down. They say:

"Concerns are rising in Brookfield that a planned Amazon Fresh store in Brookfield may not become a reality. The company had installed an Amazon Fresh sign above an empty space in the Candlewood Lake Plaza, but that sign recently was removed."

After sharing this news with the I-95 Morning Show listeners, we ran a poll on our Instagram to see what locals think. We asked will the Amazon Fresh in Brookfield ever open?

I-95 Insta
I-95 Insta

Just a few hours later we had our landslide answer: NO. The above poll was run in our Instagram story.

What do you think?

We talked about this on the Tuesday edition (4/25/23) of the I-95 Morning Show, listen below.

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We ran the same poll question again on our Instagram, this time as a regular post.

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My January 2023 article is starting to look a lot better now that we're still in this position. I wrote about this in an article titled: "When Will the Amazon Fresh Store Open in Brookfield? Maybe Never." 

In that piece I shared some information from an article in "The Real Deal", a real estate publication out of New York. The Real Deal article says:

Amazon Fresh is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of several communities stuck with zombie stores, waiting indefinitely for them to open. Grocery stores that appear ready to open but sit closed are accumulating for Amazon, The Information reported. Local officials and landlords spread across the country are in the dark about whether the stores will ever open.

They added:

Since September, the company hasn’t opened a new Fresh store. There are at least seven locations that appear to be completely built out, but haven’t opened. There are another 26 locations in development and the fate of those projects is unclear.

Not looking great.

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