Mother Nature is keeping the snow machines running through the next few week or so with more snow and snow storms in the forecast.

If you like it snowy and cold then your in your glory, but what about those who are already tired of these snow events? How long is this weather pattern going to last. I know you want the "truth", but can you handle the "truth". I talked to our staff Meteorologist Bill Jacquemin about what we can expect over the next few weeks, and about the long range forecast as well.

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Looks like more snow is on the way for our area over the next week or two, what can we expect?

"We have a Friday through Sunday system moving through with colder artic air moving in. It will keep us basically cloudy until Sunday, when we can expect more snow, probably only two to four inches. Then Tuesday looks like a bigger storm with the rain/snow line a lot closer to Connecticut, and that means heavier snow amounts. At this time I'm saying probably about a four to seven inch snowfall. After that more cold air follows and we get into the same routine and same weather pattern we've been in".

So it looks like we're going to see a lot more in the way of snow.

"Yea, almost every other day, even if you don't see the snow, there's a system that's either just missing us to the south, or getting close enough to give us some light snow, like it did on this past Thursday morning. So far since February began you can almost count on Snow on Sunday, snow on Tuesday, and snow later in the week".

How long do you expect this pattern to last?

"I think the July 4th weekend looks to be snowless....(lol).... All kidding aside, it looks like about six weeks. The jet stream changes about every six weeks, it may be a little less then that, but when you see a pattern develope it's usually in that six week range. After that big storm in December, the next six weeks were very quiet right through January. The latest six week pattern started in the beginning of February, and now we've got all this snow. Right now it looks like we're stuck in this pattern untill around the second week of March".

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Here's the official forecast for Greater Danbury, Dutchess and Putnam Counties:

Friday will be partly sunny, and Friday night will be cloudy but very cold with a low around 11 degrees.

Saturday night look for a 50% chance of snow that may continue until the early part of the day on Sunday.

Monday looks like some snow and sleet, and that system brings more precipitation again with a 50% chance of more significant snow on Tuesday.

More snow on the way on Thursday too.

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