They say "The destination is the journey." This article is a great example of that.

I started out "on the line" AKA "the web" just cruisin', and found my way. This was an experiment to see if I could find something startling or amazing if I searched Google Street images in the Greater Danbury area.

My hypothesis was that there would be three to four gems and I was wrong, or at first, I thought I was. Sometimes, it takes a second, third and fourth look, a keen eye to find the nuggets and luckily, I have that eye.

Follow me now as I over analyze the Greater Danbury Area through the lens of a Google camera:

Greater Danbury Area Google Images Hilariously Analyzed

Apologies to the man who I suspect had to poop. You took one for the team, and you are welcome to the rest of you. Now onto some business; if you have a photograph you think I need to see from our local area, get it to me through our mobile app. Don't ever think to yourself, "this photo is not good enough to send," because you just never know. Let me make the determination as to whether I can craft a story around it.

There's no shortage of ways to get it to me either. You can message me on Facebook or send photos through the i95 Rock app, which is free and easy to download at Google Play or the App store.

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