The Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company has made its decision to discontinue its fire truck parades, but they're not alone.

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I believe Stony Hill echoes the sentiments of all the other greater Danbury area volunteer fire departments who thrilled hundreds of their residents with their fleets of fire engines and emergency vehicles with sirens blaring and emergency lights flashing. The following quote is from the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company's FB page.

We have been helping the community celebrate birthdays, milestones, and other notable events with parade drive by's. The smiles, tears, joy and excitement we've seen in the last month have been truly uplifting. Our members have enjoyed doing this just as much as the families.

I remember being an eye-witness to New Fairfield's first Fire Department parade as they slowly made their way around Fleetwood Drive back in April. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be a spectator as they came around the bend one last time. On behalf of all the residents in New Fairfield, thank you for keeping us safe!

Fifty plus children witnessed parade visits from the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company. Jennifer Hantzarides, the mother of 6-year-old Caleigh who was the first recipient of a drive-by fire truck parade on April 6, told Hearst Connecticut Media,

I'm just so grateful for them, for what they did. They are obviously selfless people all the time, but to try and start something to bring smiles to these kid's faces that have no idea of the depth of what is going on.

Photo Courtesy of the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company...
Photo Courtesy of the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company...


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