A 500+ pound great white shark was electronically tracked off the coast of Greenwich this morning. (May 20.) According to the research group OCEARCH, this is the first time a great white has been spotted in Long Island Sound.

According to NBC Connecticut, OCEARCH tracks sea life that has been previously tagged with a GPS tag. The shark that was spotted off Greenwich this morning is named Cabot, and is 9 feet, 8 inches long and weighs about 533 pounds.

If you want to keep an eye on Cabot for yourself, you can follow his exploits at ocearch.org. It is a very cool website that has tagged and tracks 416 animals and counting, including sharks, whales, seals, alligators and turtles. So whether it's Cabot or another form of sea life, you may have a favorite new buddy to track. Cabot also has his very own Twitter page which can be followed here.

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