Governor Lamont has asked the White House to declare Connecticut a disaster area.

The press release from the Office of the Governor dated March 26, 2020, is titled:

Governor Lamont Submits Request for Presidential Major Disaster Declaration in Response to Covid-19 Pandemic

The Governor's request to make Connecticut a disaster area was officially placed with the Federal Emergency Management Agency which could free up funding for a wealth of federal programs that could ultimately help Connecticut residents during this unprecedented time.

These federal programs include unemployment assistance, counseling and legal services, child care, and funeral assistance. New York, California, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, and Washington have already been granted the disaster request.

Connecticut government officials are also reminding residents to beware of scams including emails, text messages, and social media posts stating that to become eligible for federal stimulus checks you must fill out your 2020 U.S. Census forms.

To read Governor Ned Lamont's entire press release, click on

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