Right before the holiday season last year, my dear friend, Brass City Tattoo owner Pete Morcey, received the shocking news that the building that his shop had operated for 18 years, in the city's Brooklyn neighborhood, had been sold, and he had to scramble to find a new location for his business.

Within a couple of weeks, Pete had secured 1760 Watertown Avenue in Waterbury/Oakville as Brass City Tattoo's new home. I stopped by and wrote an article about the new location back in January, since then, business has steadily increased. There's much more space for artists, and different opportunities in the new building, and something that Pete and I spoke about back in January has just come to fruition.

Photo by Pete Morcey

As of April 30, 2021, Tarnished is going to be open for business inside of Brass City Tattoo. What is "Tarnished"? Well, the word tarnish is a verb meaning: to lose, or cause to lose luster. Tarnished at Brass City Tattoo is professional tattoo removal, performed by Elin Christensen, RN, and Certified Laser Technician.

Photo by Pete Morcey

Listen, I'm not the same person I was last year, let alone last week. If you have some old work that you feel isn't you anymore, there are ways to get rid of it, and Brass City Tattoo has options. Their artists are skilled at covering up old work with new ink, and now, you could get that tribute to Bill Cosby, or your unfortunate "Naugatuck Rules" back piece zapped away on site.

Tarnished, inside of Brass City Tattoo, which is located near the Oakville town line at 1760 Watertown Avenue in Waterbury. Tarnished will be open for business and accepting appointments as of April 30, 2021. Get in touch with Elin at tarnishedct@gmail.com, or call 860-338-0410 to book your appointment.

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