Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont's ultimate plan to collect tolls on a short stretch of I-684 is now no longer a reality.

The tolls were first proposed by Lamont, who wanted to charge tractor trailers on the mile stretch of I-684 at the Westchester-Connecticut border. However lack of support and some backlash from Westchester Country officials have brought the plan to a screeching halt.

If you remember, at the tail end of last year, when Lamont had the notion of having a toll stop on a short stretch of I-684 in Connecticut, it brought on strong retaliation from Westchester County and State officials. New York State Senator Pete Harckham countered with the threat of a number of tolls on New York roads. Now that Connecticut's toll is off the table, so are Harckham’s, according to News 12.

They have needs, we have needs. They have costs, we have costs. And our drivers are going on both our roads, so let’s have a regional discussion as to what the mutual challenges are and a mutual path forward.

Lawmakers in Westchester have been opposed to the plan from the get go, especially since the tolls were to be used for Connecticut state highway upgrades.

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