It's quickly becoming known as the "taxation state." First, it was the car tax, then the income tax, then a few other miscellaneous taxes. The tolls are returning to our roads and now, you won't believe this: Connecticut may want to tax your cat.

Looks like our friendly neighborhood lawmakers are at it again. This time, they are proposing legislation that would force you, the cat owner, to pay a tax to register your feline, and both pet owners and advocacy groups are not happy.

According to, the Connecticut legislature discussed Senate Bill 999, which is a bill that would force pet owners to license their cats for up to a $15 fee. The bill is being referred to as the "cat tax," which was brought up for legislation last year, but never got past the general assembly.

This year, the bill was reintroduced on March 5 and there was a public hearing on March 11. Now it's up to lawmakers to either pass the legislation and put the "cat tax" into effect or veto the bill altogether.

The proponents feel that having a "cat tax" would increase awareness and be a reminder for pet owners to have their animals spayed or neutered, and would also help make it easier for families to be reunited with lost pets. The bill could possibly bring in added revenue to provide funding for municipal animal shelters too.

Those opposed to the bill, however, argue that a "cat tax" will reduce the number of cat adoptions, therefore increasing the number of animals that are forced to be euthanized.

So far the bill is still in legislation and there's no word if the 'cat tax' will actually get past this stage, becoming law here in Connecticut. Stay tuned.

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