The other day we reported that the bankruptcy auction that Toys ‘R Us creditors and investors were going to conduct was cancelled, and remaining intellectual property (and anything else left) was to be used to reboot the brand instead of selling things off. Now we get info on the next level of the reincarnation of Toys ‘R Us from USA Today.

A new brand will rise from the ashes of Toys ‘R Us, called Geoffrey's Toy Box. Geoffrey, of course was the Toys "R" Us giraffe mascot. USA Today says:

Geoffrey's Toy Box introduced itself to toy manufacturers and sellers Tuesday at the opening of the Dallas toy show, with an exhibit booth and a costumed Geoffrey mascot, who was spotted wearing a cape with the words "Back from Vacation"

They are going to hit the ground running with pop up shops for the upcoming holiday shopping season maybe even (hopefully) in the Danbury area. Some of these pop up shops may be located inside other stores or department stores and they're hoping to bring back theToys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us stores in the coming years.

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