Music fans in CT will have to travel a little further for their festivals this Summer, as Gathering of the Vibes founder, Ken Hays, announced that the weekend-long jam band festival will not be taking place this year.

The Vibes went out on a high note in 2015 as the festival celebrated its 20th anniversary. There was no festival last year. Hays announced on the Vibes Facebook page that the 2017 edition will not be happening either:

As you know, the music festival landscape is rapidly evolving, and with that evolution comes greater competition for smaller, independent festivals like the Vibes. It is with this in mind that I have made the difficult decision not to move forward with the Vibes in 2017.

Hays did go on to say that he was working with other festivals to offer discounted tickets and "Vibe Tribe" meetups at other festivals this summer, and concluded his statement with

To be continued my friends.


The Vibes was always a high point of the Summer for us. We would go down and broadcast "live" opening day. Weather was usually extreme: heavy rains and/or incredible heat was usually in the forecast for the weekend, but it was usually a hassle-free, well-run festival that attracted some great acts to Bridgeport over the years. Here's to the Vibes, and hoping for a return some day. I'll hold onto my t-shirt from the last one, in anticipation of more days jamming on the Sound.

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