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You would think that our elected officials thought of everything when they finally allowed legalized cannabis sales and gambling before the rollout of both, but it seems no one asked 'Hey, should we allow weed sales and gambling on holidays?'

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That's just me speculating, but the reality is that according to Connecticut's Consumer Protection Commissioner Bryan T. Cafferelli and, retail sales of cannabis and gambling will be allowed on Monday, December 25, 2023, and Monday, January 1, 2024, but alcohol sales at grocery and package stores will not.

According to Cafferelli -

"If you choose to consume alcohol with your holiday celebrations, be sure to make those purchases ahead of time, and, of course, please drink responsibly. And, because we regulate many things that you may be wondering about, Connecticut Law does not prohibit the sale of cannabis, or limit your ability to place wagers during the holidays."

So, as far as off-premise alcohol consumption goes - No package stores can open on Christmas and New Year's Day, grocery stores cannot sell alcohol either, and those with manufacturer's permits cannot sell either. The good news is that you could always go to your favorite restaurant, if any are open. Permittees who serve food may sell alcohol for on-premise consumption during normal business hours on Christmas Day, and are allowed to serve alcohol for an extra hour outside of normal business hours, til 3AM, on New Year's Eve.

Mohegan and Foxwoods never close, so there's your gambling. Cannabis sales? Connecticut allowed it on Thanksgiving, but there were no dispensaries open, will that change for Christmas and NYE? We'll see.

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