What can be done with all of the vacant retail space that's available at our shopping malls? What do you think about the idea of offering some of it to be used as a free studio for a hard-working artist? I love it, and the largest shopping mall in Connecticut is doing just that.

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Connecticut Post Mall is located on Rt. 1 (Boston Post Road) in Milford, and at over 1.3 million square feet, it's the biggest mall in our state. I just found out that they've partnered with Redding's Clementina Arts Foundation to offer a great opportunity for an artist here in Connecticut - Free access and use of their own studio space in Connecticut Post Mall. On top of the free space, the Mall will also kick in a monthly stipend for art supplies, mediums, and materials.

The future studios have been trademarked with the name Sprouting Spaces, and according to Clementina Arts Foundation, these studios are being made available for free to emerging/mid-career artists in order to help them create. The upcoming Connecticut Post Mall Sprouting Space will be offered for one year

I took a look at the basic first steps that you need to take in order to apply, and it's a 3 step process initially. First, you must demonstrate a need for the Sprouting Space by explaining the working imitations you've faced in your current space. Second, a full biography, and third, show some examples of your work.

I've seen Waterbury's Brass Mill Center showcase work from area students and local artists, I hope that this continues. Wouldn't you rather see an artist creating instead of a 'Coming soon' sign?

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