Holy Cross High School in Waterbury held their annual Crusader Hall of Honor ceremony this past weekend. I was invited to help introduce Holy Cross Class of 79 grad and Waterbury native Dylan McDermott. While most attendees were hovering around him, I was having fun watching his special guest.

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Dylan came to the event with his family, but he also brought his dog Otis. I wanted to try to slip the little guy some of the meats from the D'Amelio's beautiful Tuscan table in the HC cafeteria, but I couldn't stop eating them myself, sorry Otis. Dylan made us all laugh during his speech when he told us that he had pulled into his old parking spot, and he hoped that Otis would eventually be able to enroll at HC. It was wonderful being back in the halls of my alma mater, and I took a few photos.

Dylan McDermott Inducted in Waterbury, His Special Guest Was My Favorite Part

Holy Cross's annual Crusader Hall of Honor ceremony was held this past Saturday evening at the school, here are a few photos from the event

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