I was going through my junk last night and I found a treasure. What you see in the photo above is my outfit for the Grand Opening of the Danbury Fair Mall. I wore clothes too, but those were the most important pieces of my look.

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In 1986, I was working at my first part-time job - Record Town on Wolcott Street in Waterbury. Our District Manager called and asked if a few of us in the Waterbury store would like to help out during the grand opening of the Record Town, at the grand opening of the brand new Danbury Fair Mall. I was thrilled, the Waterbury Record Town was right across the street from the Naugatuck Valley Mall, oh man I miss that place, but Danbury Fair was a beast.

We were told to wear white shirts and black pants, and since it was 1986, we were told to also wear a band button near our name tag. Band buttons and pins were very popular in the 70's-90's. I love seeing someone rocking a multi-buttoned jean jacket in 2023. My favorite pieces of flair was that one you see above, I got that U2 button when I saw them at the Hartford Civic Center on the Unforgettable Fire tour.

I remember getting off 84 and seeing thousands of cars streaming into those massive parking lots, Marcus Dairy was still there at the time. I also remember seeing the huge fountain in center court, and the merry go round, food court, and that wonderful arcade, was it Time Out? The work day was a blur, I do remember that my hands hurt from removing the cassettes from the heavy plastic shucks, and standing at the register with a never ending line. I still love going to Danbury Fair, maybe I'll wear my name tag next time.

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