The economic fallout from COVID-19 has forced many Connecticut residents to evaluate their skill sets and perhaps seek out a new career. Governor Lamont has announced a statewide program that will make that easier.

SkillUp CT is a program that will allow recently unemployed workers to online classes and certifications. If you are receiving unemployment benefits, this program is free. It provides online access to about 5,000 online courses like information technology, business analysis, customer service, project management, and digital literacy. It will also provide career coaching and industry certifications.

These are the same training courses offered by Fortune 500 companies, according to Garrett Moran, chair of the Governor’s Workforce Council. So, if being certified in a skill could make you more marketable to those that are hiring, or if you want to use this time to learn a new skill, this program may be for you.

The Governor said in a press release,

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an incredibly difficult situation for so many people, and this innovative and responsive initiative gives hard-working Connecticut residents a beneficial training opportunity that they can utilize from their own homes.

The program is a joint effort between the Connecticut Workforce Development Council, the Connecticut Governor's Workforce Council, the CT Department of Labor and the state's five regional Workforce Development Boards. It was originally rolled out in the Eastern part of the state and will be made available statewide in the coming weeks.

Registration for the program can be accessed here. With classrooms shut down, this could be a very useful resource in the path to a new job or even a new career.

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