Finally, there is something to do in town, The 2022 Danbury Street Festival is here!

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No, that is not a knock on the Hat City, it's a post-COVID exclamation of joy. I moved to Downtown Danbury seeking activities and walkable fun, but COVID-19 had other plans. Anything that was scheduled for Downtown Danbury last summer was promptly cancelled or rescheduled in a big way.

Now that we're on the other side (hopefully), there is plenty to look forward to in Danbury, starting with the Danbury Street Festival which takes place tomorrow (6/4/22). The streets of the Downtown portion of Danbury will be lined with food, music, art, games and vendors.

The event kicks off at noon, it runs until 6 pm and then the party moves to the Danbury Green for free, live music. This entire event is free to the public and will be a lot of fun for kids thanks to the "Family Fun Zone", courtesy of Macaroni Kid & Ventura Law.

You can check the website for a list of vendors.

City Center Danbury has put a lot of blood and sweat into the event, but they are just excited for the community. City Center Manager Laz Chavez shared his enthusiasm, saying:

“We are very fortunate to have a dedicated team of volunteers to assist in putting this together, while helping the restoration of Downtown Danbury.  Events like the Danbury Street Festival showcase our city and demonstrate the value of having a cultural hub in the heart of Danbury."

There will be beer and wine will be available in the outdoor alcove located at the Bardo Walkway. I've been waiting for an event like this ever since I moved Downtown over a year ago.


P.S. Main Street will be off limits to cars that day between White Street and West Street from 9 am - 7 pm and parking will be available at the Patriot Garage. Get more information at or go to our website at or contact CityCenter Danbury at (203)792-1711.

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