The crash that closed down Franklin Street in Danbury for hours on Monday is now being investigated by the Danbury Police Department.

At around 4:40 pm on Monday, a car met a utility pole on Franklin Street that resulted in two people being sent to the hospital, and the street being closed during the heart of rush hour.

According to, the car snapped a utility pole and knocked down a transformer causing two to four gallons of unidentified fluid in the transformer to leak into a nearby storm drain. Because of the spill the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection was also called to the scene, and the city’s health department was also notified of the matter.

Danbury Police Det. Lt. Mark Williams told "the driver reported an accessory malfunction that may have contributed to the accident, but witness statements suggest speed may have played a factor".

The driver of the vehicle in the crash informed Police that the rubber floor mat got wedged between his gas and brake pedals, so when a pedestrian tried to cross the road, the car kept speeding up, and as the driver tried to avoid the pedestrian, the car struck the utility pole.

Here's what was posted Monday from the Danbury Fire Department's Facebook page:

As of now the investigation is ongoing, however Lt. Williams of the Danbury PD said that no charges have been filed yet, but he also said that it doesn't mean action won't be taken pending the investigation.

Franklin Street was reopen to traffic by early Tuesday morning.

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