Imagine walking along minding your own business and you see a fox coming your way.

That's exactly what happened to two individuals in the shoreline town of East Lyme on Monday, Sept. 9 at around 10:15 am according to the Ledge Light Health District's Facebook page. Police are asking residents to be vigilant and if you see a red fox in the area of Heritage Road in East Lyme call 860-442-9451.

The Health District is asking all residents to refrain from approaching or feeding the animals due to the risk of rabies. The fox in question was able to avoid capture so there's no word on whether it had rabies or not.

As a rule, foxes are afraid of humans and will not attack unless provoked or if they feel you're a danger to their cubs. If a fox is overly aggressive it could also mean they have rabies.


The folks at state that there is no reason a fox would attack a human. When that type of incident occurs, it's usually due to another animal or the fox is rabid.


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