Forget the Super Bowl. This year, all local eyes will be on four Danbury dogs who will actually be competing in the 15th annual Animal Planet Puppy Bowl.

DAWS, the Danbury Animal Welfare Society, entered 25 puppies for this year's show and four of those dogs were chosen to compete. There will be be more than 90 puppies from shelters across the country featured during the annual competition that takes place on the same day as the big football game.

If you've ever watched the Puppy Bowl, then you know how cute all the puppies look when they chase toys, wrestle and try to become the days MVP — Most Valuable Pup.  You'll have to pay attention when you watch, though, because the four Danbury dogs did not make the starting line-up. But they will certainly see action when they sub-in for some of the starters.

Karen Pasieka is the puppy program lead volunteer at DAWS and she told that the pups selected were more interested in licking the cameramen's faces than playing football. Next year, DAWS plans on an extensive football training program for all their puppies.

You can watch the 15th annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet on Sunday, February 2, starting at 3 pm.

Here's a photo gallery of the Danbury dogs to look for in this years Puppy Bowl:

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