The reports about the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in California have been horrific. The loss of life is overwhelming. Add to the sadness, a former Connecticut resident perished as well.

As the story started to unfold over the weekend about the massive fire that broke out during an electronic dance music show at what was known as the Ghost Ship -- an Oakland warehouse -- images of the Station Nightclub fire in Rhode Island came to mind. That horrific event back in 2003 killed 100 concert goers, injured 230 more, and left a mark on so many of us in the music business and beyond.

Sadly, tragedy has struck again with 36 people to date perishing in one of the deadliest fires in U.S. history. Among them, a former resident of Connecticut.

The Hartford Courant is reporting the confirmation that one of the victims is being identified as a former Westport resident and graduate of Staples High School. Officials say Feral Pines was a transgender woman who had formerly been known as Justin Riley Fritz. The 29-year-old had recently moved to Oakland from Indiana.

Pines's father, Bruce Fritz, told the Hartford Courant:

She was a gentle soul, the kind of person who never had a bad word to say about anyone. She was someone you wanted to put your arms around and not let go

Hopefully, no other fatalities will come from this tragedy. May all of the victims Rest in Peace.