“It really pissed me off….It REALLY pissed me off.”

Those are the words of Rick Stuart, the former Security Director and Bodyguard for KISS in the mid 70s, during a recent KISS fan podcast called “Three Sides Of The Coin”. Stuart was asked by co-host Tommy Sommers to describe Paul Stanley of KISS and did not hold back his feelings of bitterness toward the man he once considered to be a good friend.

Stuart alleges during the podcast that he saved Stanley’s life in Hawaii back in the 70s but Stanley has since told a much different story in public. To make matters worse Stuart said he brought his family to a KISS concert a few years ago and was personally invited before the show by Stanley to "hang out" after the concert. The former KISS bodyguard was expecting a warm greeting from Stanley after the show. After all this is the man who was not only a close friend of Paul’s but someone who saved his life.

Not so.

Below is the portion of the podcast where Stuart lays it all on the line:

That’s some pretty raw and brutally honest commentary from Stuart. If his story is true than that’s a pretty low thing for Stanley to do. Not cool at all. I haven’t seen any response from Stanley on this issue but it would be interesting to hear what he has to say.

Stuart even calls Stanley out and challenges the Starchild to be a guest on Stuart’s podcast. Will it happen? I doubt it but it will definitely be an interesting listen if it does. You can check out more on Stuart and his new podcast at rickstuartallaccess.com.

And while I'm giving plugs, check out my personal favorite podcast "Three Sides Of The Coin", which airs weekly. If you are a KISS fan like me you will quickly become addicted to this show. And one more thing. If the guys from Three Sides happen to be reading this article: No, Vinnie Vincent did NOT save KISS!

UPDATE: Since the airing of the podcast on 6/2/15 Stuart has been contacted by Paul Stanely and here's what went down according to Stuart:

A pretty standup thing for Paul Stanley to do I would say.

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