Since taking a position with the State of Connecticut under Democratic Governor Ned Lamont, former Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton has come under fire from some who say he was always a secret Democrat. This is what Boughton told the Ethan and Lou Show when asked about it on Friday (1/22/21):

"I'm a Republican, I stayed a Republican, I'll always be a Republican because you know, I have a history with the party that goes back through my ancestors. We were actually abolitionists during the Civil War. My ancestors fought during the union, on the Union side to abolish slavery. So you know, I just think this party has gotten way off the rails in many ways. It doesn't make me a liberal. I'm a part of the party of Reagan and Lincoln. And, listen, Ned Lamont didn't need to hire somebody who is a liberal, he's got plenty of liberals to hire that are real, actual Democrats, right?

He continued on, "You know he brought me in because I bring a little bit of a different perspective and viewpoint and to his credit, he wants to hear that. It doesn't mean he's always got to follow it but he wants to hear it. That's the way that works and people can say whatever they want to say, but Trump has hurt the party, he's hurt the brand and that's not good for people who want to get elected."

You can listen to the rest of the interview with CT Tax Commissioner Mark Boughton below. Be sure to subscribe to the Lou Milano Youtube Channel to hear interviews like this as soon as they are published.

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