A former police officer is said to have suffered facial injuries after he was reportedly beaten inside of Danbury's Federal Correctional Institute.

According to NBC News, Jason Van Dyke, a former Chicago cop who was recently convicted of the 2014 murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, was in general population at Danbury FCI when he was allegedly attacked by other inmates. Despite his injuries, authorities say Van Dyke will ultimately be okay.

Apparently, the convicted ex-cop was transferred to Danbury at some point last week and placed in general population even though before that, he was isolated in an undisclosed prison in his home state of Illinois. The beating allegedly took place inside of Van Dyke's cell within hours of his arrival in Danbury, and according to the Chicago Sun-Times, Neither his family or his lawyers knew anything about the transfer until after it had already happened.

"We are all petrified and in fear for Jason's life," the inmate's concerned wife, Tiffany Van Dyke, told the Chicago Sun-Times. "Jason just wants to serve his sentence. He does not want any trouble. I hope prison officials will take steps to rectify this right away."

Last month, a Chicago judge sentenced Van Dyke to just under seven years in prison, following his conviction on charges of second degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery — one for each bullet he fired at the deceased 17-year-old.

The Sun-Times went on to report that Jason Van Dyke's attorneys received a call from an anonymous employees at the Danbury Federal Prison, who provided the information about the beating and expressed concern for the former police officer's safety.

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