Food trucks have become part of the brewery experience for craft beer fans. It's kind of expected that a food truck will be outside your favorite local brewery on a weekend. At the moment, you can't enjoy a burrito, hot dog or slice of pizza from a food truck at a New Milford brewery. Housatonic River Brewing owner Dave Littlefield is hoping to change that.

The New Milford Town Council is having a meeting on Monday night, June 24, and one of the items on the agenda is an ordinance that will allow food trucks at breweries, wineries and distilleries.

Littlefield has been trying to have food trucks onsite since opening Housatonic last Fall. Other towns have successfully navigated this issue, and if you go to Charter Oak in Danbury, Nod Hill in Ridgefield, Veracious in Monroe or Reverie in Newtown, there's every chance there will be a food truck outside serving up goodies while you try a couple of microbrews. Housatonic is hoping to use the blueprint that other towns in the area have used successfully to allow food trucks onsite on weekends.

Dave has the support of many nearby restaurants, all of whom have sent letters saying that they see the brewery as a destination, not competition. They have menus for delivery from most nearby restaurants, and Littlefield says that will not change.

The New Milford Town Council will have a discussion and possible action regarding a food truck ordinance on Monday night (June 24) in the Paul Martin Room on the second floor of New Milford Town Hall. The meeting begins at 7 PM and anyone who wishes to speak for or against the food truck issue should be there by 6:45 to get their name on the agenda.

Personally, I think it's a no-brainer. The last thing you want is a bunch of people trying a bunch of different beers of varying strengths with nothing in their stomach. Plus, the chance to try food from someplace new while hanging out at a brewery is something that should be a given at this point. Here's to hoping New Milford sees it the same way on Monday night.

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