Chicken nuggets are as good as cash in my house. They are used as a form of currency by my squad of children who have no currency.

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In my home, a physical altercation over chicken nuggets is unlikely but definitely possible. My kids love them, and what's not to love? You have a literal chunk of processed, fried chicken. Chicken nuggets are one the great inventions of humankind.

While I love them, my kids love and you probably love them, no one loves them more than John Earl Taylor of Florida. Because if you believe police in Miami-Dade County, Taylor pulled a gun on a victim who refused to buy him chicken nuggets at Wendy's.

The victim told that Taylor approached him outside a Wendy's location at 8295 NW 27th Ave and asked if he'd buy him chicken nuggets. The report states that the victim said he only had enough money to buy himself food, and that was a mistake.

According to the report that prompted Taylor to pull a gun on him as he exited Wendy's and stole his gold chain and his car keys Cops say Taylor took off in the man's car. Police responded to a call about the incident and tracked down Taylor who eventually crashed the victim's car. Taylor was arrested and charged with a bunch of crimes, including 3rd degree hanger (mix of anger and hunger).

Look, I've made some irrational decisions when I've been hungry. One incident that comes to mind involves an egg salad sandwich from a gas station. Another time I was upset about the amount of lettuce on my burger so I took the top of the bun off and held it out the window of my car, hoping the wind would blow off the undesired vegetable. None of those decisions ended well, and I'm not proud of them but nothing I've done while hungry, that compares to what Taylor is accused of.

Florida is like no other place in this world. Decisions in Florida are so much angrier, so irrational, so over the top. Who the hell commits chicken related crimes? People in Florida do. Florida you say?

P.S. Wendy's chicken nuggets are to die for but not literally.

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