Each year, the publication U.S. News & World Report takes a deep dive using 70 different metrics to find the 'Best States' in the country and their rankings in several categories.

Thousands of data points determine the "Best States" ranking to measure how well states perform for their citizens.  In addition to health care and education, the metrics consider a state’s economy, roads, bridges, internet, etc.

If you've been following along as a fan of the Ethan and Lou Morning Show, you're most likely to know that Lou and I love living in Connecticut. However, you're also aware that Lou is not a fan of Florida (you say) so let's begin with these two states. 

Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington - unplash.com
Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington - unplash.com

Out of the country's 50 states, WASHINGTON ranked number 1 in the nation for the second year in a row scoring in the Top 5 for Education, Economy, and Infrastructure. Our State of CONNECTICUT ranked number 20, scoring in the Top 10 for Health Care (3), Education (6), and Crime & Corrections (6).

The bad news for Lou is that FLORIDA  topped Connecticut by taking the number 10 slot. They also kicked Connecticut's ass in the Economy category, ranking 8 to CT's 22, and they beat us again in the Fiscal Responsibility category by scoring a 8 to CT's 30. That's a downright embarrassment! It's no wonder hundreds upon hundreds of humans are migrating to Florida.

Florida Beaches (365 Days a Year) Photo by Debbie Hudson for unsplash.com
Florida Beaches (365
Days a Year) Photo by Debbie Hudson for unsplash.com

To take a deep dive into all the statistical data your brain can handle, click on, U.S. News & World Report. The following are the Top 10 States in the Nation.

    1. Washington
    2. Minnesota
    3. Utah
    4. New Hampshire
    5. Idaho
    6. Nebraska
    7. Virginia
    8. Wisconsin
    9. Massachusetts
    10. 10. Florida (you say)......20. Connecticut

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