According to the Miami Herald, a 35-year-old Ocala Florida man and his 35-year-old female companion found a WWII-era hand grenade on Saturday. They then allegedly brought it to the local Taco Bell.

The unnamed couple was reportedly fishing for precious metals when they stumbled across the grenade. Police say they got a phone call from the two reporting the find after that, they allegedly put the grenade in a five gallon bucket, put it in the car and went to Taco Bell.

A bomb squad was called in to secure the Taco Bell, locate the device, assess the situation and diffuse the grenade if necessary. Police say the bomb squad did determine that the grenade was not functional. They took the grenade off site and it was destroyed.

Florida you say?

Florida, because of reasons.

If what is alleged turns out to be true, they started off so good. They find a grenade and reportedly call the police. This is the right move at this point — you have alerted the authorities to a murderous, explosive device.

What police say happened next was right out of the "Florida Man playbook" -- a trip to Taco Bell. I like a Nacho Supreme Taco as much as the next guy, but it seems like an ill-advised lunch run. You've got, ya know, a bomb in your car (allegedly). Seems like some things could go wrong.

Who am I to judge? It's not like there are four to five headlines like this one coming out of Florida every single day. It's a perfectly normal place to live.

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