According to WFLA a man riding his bike to Wal-Mart just missed being shot by a man with a shotgun who said he was Jesus. Sean Phagan says he was riding his bike to get a movie when a man fired a shot. The report states two more shots were fired, the shooter in question is in custody and no one was hurt.

The bike rider had this to say, “I’m just pretty lucky, and that my grandfather, my late grandfather, was looking over me or just angels everywhere." The suspect, claiming to be Jesus is 57-year-old Charles Herr. Witnesses say he was screaming "I’m Jesus Christ."

I've been going to church all my life and I don't remember any Bible passages about Jesus blasting a shotgun at a dude on a bicycle in Florida. Maybe they covered this at C.C.D. when I was sick one day.

Florida, just "going big" day after day. The whole state seems hell bent on dominating the "stupid news" world. It is time for the scientific community to really buckle down and figure out what is what in Florida. Extreme heat, year round cannot be enough to explain away Florida and it's collective behavior.

I love warm weather and beaches as much as the next guy but at what cost?





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