The partial federal government shutdown has caused flight issues at multiple airports, including two major New York area airports.

Multiple news outlets are reporting that flights going into and out of LaGuardia and Newark airports have been temporarily halted on Friday, January 25, due to a shortage of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) employees showing up to work. According to Buzzfeed News, a representative from the FAA said they have experienced an increase in sick leave during the government shutdown.

ABC News reports that an FAA representative confirmed the government shutdown is what caused the ground stop at both LaGuardia and Newark airports because of air traffic controller shortages. Flights have been delayed for roughly 2 hours. However, the ground stop at the New York airports is because of FAA employee shortages in Washington and Jacksonville, where they are having issues clearing the airspace.

FAA employees have been working without pay for 35 days due to the federal government shutdown.

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