Fast food is big business in America and it moved the needle when it comes to chatter.

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People care a great deal about their on-the-go restaurants which is why I was not surprised to see this post appear on Reddit recently.

The old Duchess restaurant on Mill Plain Road is under renovation and it is set to become a new Burger King. A Reddit user named u/RAS310 recently learned of the change and asked a simple question: Don't we have enough BK?

Here is the whole post:

"Was curious what was going to replace the Duchess on Mill Plain Road right next to the new Caraluzzi's. I knew it was going to be another fast food place but I thought maybe it'd be a Wendy's (since the closest one is in Brookfield) or a Dunkin (since the one down the road by Exit 4 is a tiny drive-thru-only location and there are none west of that one CT).

As of today, they've started putting up the signage and it's a Burger King.

"This is now the fourth Burger King location in Danbury alone. There is also a location literally around the corner on Backus Avenue near the mall (inside a Mobil station), plus one off Exit 6 across from the Shoprite plaza, and one across from the Walmart and Staples plaza on Newtown Road off Exit 8. There is a fifth location on the Danbury/Brookfield line next to the Wendy's (which moved there several years ago after being located around where the new Dairy Queen is now), and also one on NY-22 in Brewster, NY no more than 10 minutes from the new Mill Plain location.

For comparison's sake, Danbury has three McDonald's, two Taco Bells, and two KFC's (the one on Federal Road is on the Danbury side). Four BK's just seems excessive and I'm disappointed the old Duchess wasn't put to better use. I live on that side of Danbury and I would have loved if it were a Wendy's so I wouldn't have to deal with the traffic and long traffic lights of the Exit 11/7 area, plus that location isn't very good compared to other ones." 

Are there four or five? I'm trying to get the count right in my head and I'm losing track. That begs the question: Should there be so many of one restaurant that you can lose track?

Here are a few of the comments that appeared in thread:

Jawny-Jonson: "100% agree. And not like it’s super in demand the lines are always for Taco Bell and Wendy’s. Never Burger King."

Own-Ad503: 'I’m happy it’s a Burger King. I used to be in that area every day at lunchtime, it would have been nice. Dutchess was good when it opened but went down hill in my opinion. Dunkin closed the lake ave store during covid, nobody went in, they all went to the drive through. That drive through does pretty well, they won’t open a sit down place up the road. Taco Bell would be good. Worst thing to hit mill plain is that storage center."

RAS310: "I realized after writing this that Danbury will now have more Burger Kings than CVS's! Danbury used to have four CVS's, but the one on White Street closed about a year ago, and there was also one in the mall that closed about 5 years ago. This is not counting the one in Brookfield next to Michael's."

I have no personal beef with the King and it sounds like this cat doesn't either. I think it has more to do with his hunger for variety. If he could have it his way, we wouldn't be in this position. I'm going to leave this to all of you......

Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Burger King Of Falsifying Whopper Size In Ads
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I can tell you this much about Burger King, they are market disrupters, true innovators.  As far as I can tell they are the only fast-food chain that has fried mozzarella sticks on their menu and that is a huge feather in their juicy cap. Having mozzarella sticks on your menu is an absolute tie-breaker for them.

Another Burger King?!
byu/RAS310 inDanbury

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